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Chairman's Speech


We are in the same boat and sail far away by the wind. After 20 years of precipitation and accumulation, sincere cooperation, with the support and help of friends from all walks of life and cooperative units, Fidek insists on both quality and brand, and is in the leading position in the industry in terms of product quality and technical services. Take the lead in introducing the first viscosity testing instrument in the feeding industry. From raw materials to finished products, the whole process is strictly controlled. In many links, we have exceeded the industry standard, that is, the Fidek standard that we stick. We strictly adhere to the system of product inspection, continuous innovation technology, optimize production, in order to achieve stable, excellent, excellent quality.

Time does not live, heaven rewards hard work. After 20 years of hard work, we have been practical and deep-rooted, from scratch. Fidek has established a perfect physical and chemical inspection room, advanced automated production lines, strict quality management, and fast warehousing and logistics. It can provide diversified and cost-effective products for domestic and international customers, including medium and low alloy steel, soft magnetic materials, stainless steel series, expansion alloy, non-expansion alloy and other diversified products. And can provide customers with the Fidecker solution to improve the product quality in the production of subsequent products, and overcome customer problems.

The wind is flat, and there is a long way to go. In the face of the unprecedented changes in the world in a century, the goal of "building a leading brand in the industry" is becoming more and more clear. We will continue to explore and innovate, lead the development of the industry, actively participate in and integrate into the national development strategy, promote the company to be intelligent, green, standardized, optimized and upgraded, and constantly enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness

I hope that all fidek people will continue to maintain the fine tradition of concerted efforts and contribute more to the development of the company. We sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to believe in Fidek, choose Fidek, win-win cooperation, and jointly develop a better future!


Chairman: Chen Mingjin